What does it take to be able to view the videos?

You may be interested to learn that FIMF has established a new E-Learning website, the FIMF Video Library. The Library contains the 3D videos used by Prof. Ugo Fisch during the Zurich practical courses in Microsurgery of the Temporal Bone (Otology) and Skull Base. The videos have been re-edited and each scene has the reference to the related Figure and Text of Prof. Fisch’s books.

The teaching material can be accessed free of charge on Android-Smartphones for Members of the FIMF Video Library. The Membership is free once you've registered yourself. Members can watch the videos covering the most important microsurgical techniques presented at the FIMF yearly courses online where ever they are.

For adequate use of the 3D videos the members must however have the required Viewers (VR Glasses).