FIMF Video Library

You can use the FIMF Video Library free of charge.

The FIMF is organizing in Zurich practical courses in Microsurgery of the Ear and Skull Base. Prof. Ugo Fisch has presented during the courses his microsurgical techniques using special 3D videos. This teaching material has been edited in a new format and is now available for view on smartphone in combination with VR Viewer or with a PC (in any browser). With a PC you may look at the videos in 2D or, if you make the images small enough in 3D by putting a sheet of paper between the images and your nose to separate your eyes.

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Advised VR viewer

  1. Pocket 3Dvu viewer; Berezin Stereo Photography Products 21686 Abedul, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 USA  (949) 215-1554
  2. VR BOX Head Mount Virtual Reality 3D Glasses (Viewer for 4.7" to 6.0" smartphone)
  3. VrPlayer_AntVR_MOD AntVR Helmet.

Information and online purchase overview: click here


I am grateful to my friend Dr. Arnold H. Müller to have dedicated so much time and care in editing these videos and for developing the possibility to view them in 3D by a Smartphone.

Last but not least my gratitude goes to my wife Monica for having graciously accepted the many hours I spent in company of Videos and PC.

U.F. Erlenbach June 6th, 2016