General Information

Three generations of teachers have established the Zurich Otology and Skull Base Surgery School which has gained large international reputation. Throughout the years, number of surgeons from all over the world have visited us, to learn the principles and techniques of procedures that we have developed. Many of these doctors have established their own microsurgical units. The Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation (FIMF) will promote the exchange of information and teaching material among these various microsurgical centres.

Aims of the Foundation

  • to produce multimedia documents of microsurgical procedures for teaching and research purposes.
  • to distribute teaching material in microsurgery to a network of international teaching and research centres.
  • to promote the exchange of information and to establish a common teaching and research programmes among the associated centres.

Means to achieve the goals of the Foundation

  • organization of practical courses in Otology and Skull Base Surgery.
  • distribution of microsurgical video tapes to associated centres.
  • elaboration of protocols for the development and evaluation of new microsurgical procedures.
  • provision of training fellowships

FIMF Training fellowships

The Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation offers a three months training Fellowship at the ENT-Department of the Kantonsspital Luzern (Head Prof. Thomas Linder). The FIMF provides free housing in Lucerne but is unable to pay for travel expenses or any additional costs during the stay in Switzerland. The fellows are welcomed to observe in the OR, use the ENT library, the Video-room and the temporal bone laboratory (under supervision of Prof. Th. Linder and Prof. A. Huber).

Candidates should send their CV with a photograph and a letter of recommendation to:

FIMF c/o Luzerner Kantonsspital
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Linder
Spitalstrasse | 6000 Luzern 16
Phone +41 41 205 62 55

ZKB Nr. 1145-0040.446
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