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3D Viewer for Smartphone and PC acc. to A. Müller

Submitted by ugofisch on Sun, 01/13/2019 - 15:29

Dear colleagues,

Dr. A. Müller has developed a very cheap and effective 3D Viewer to look at the Videos of the FIMF Video library on Smartphone and PC. The unique advantage of the viewer is that you can build it yourself in less than 60 minutes.

The instructions for the construction of the Viewer are found in the PDF of the Viewer (s. PDF 1). All what  you need are 3 carton boards of 1mm thickness on which you can design or stick with photo stickers the construction guidelines (pp. 3-4-5). With the help of a ruler and of a cutter (or scalpel) you can then form the three parts needed to construct the viewer (s. PDF 2). The use of glasses of +2 or +3 dioptres to obtain larger 3D image of the desired Video is optional.

I can highly recommend the use of Dr. Müller’s 3D Viewer for the FIMF VIDEO LIBRARY and look forward to your comments.

Ugo Fisch