A most commonly asked question for FIMF Video Library

Submitted by ugofisch on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 22:02

A most commonly asked question for FIMF Video Library  

I would like a clarification on the 3-D videos of Professor Fisch's surgeries. I got glasses with which it is possible to see the videos on the cell phone and works well. But I'd like to see those videos on my computer or on my Smart TV too. Is it possible?? How to do to get 3D image of the surgery videos on PC and Smart TV??

If you play our videos on a display more than 6”, e.g. on PC or TV (pictures side by side), it is l  possible to watch them in real 3D by the mini 3D-viewer advised in our FIMF Video Library:


The knob on the upper surface of the viewer adjusts the angle between the two glasses: wide position for TV, narrow for Pad and somewhere between for PC-frame.
The best watching distance is always about 1.2 the screen diameter (in full screen play).

For Smartphone up to 6” the best 3D-result of all you get with our selfmade 3D-Viewer:


In any case: If you need glasses, you should wear them together with the viewers!!