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Cochlear Implant

Clinical Cases


  • Case 1: Congenital bilateral total deafness
  • Case 2: Bilateral deafness after open Mastoidectomy
  • Case 3: bilateral deafness after transmastoid extracochlear Implant


  1. L-shaped retroauricular incision for skin flaps
  2. Inverted L-shaped incision for musculoperiosteal flap
  3. Bed for the receiver/stimulator package
  4. Partial anterior mastoidectomy
  5. Retrograde exposure of mastoid segment of fallopian canal
  6. Posterior tympanotomy with exposure of round window niche
  7. Formation of mastoid groove for the electrode lead
  8. Placement of receiver/stimulation package in its bony bed and fixation under parietosquamous periosteal pouch
  9. Introduction of electrode array into basal turn of the cochlea
  10. Placement of electrode lead in its bony groove
  11. Wound closure in layers
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Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller