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Facial nerve surgery 1

Subtotal Petrosectomy with tympano-mastoid double grafting after iatrogenic injury of the Facial Nerve (Right side)


  1. Preoperative information incl. radiology ( 2 min)
  2. Mastoidectomy (3 min)
  3. Canalplasty (3 min)
  4. Identification of traumatized Facial Nerve (3 min)
  5. Decision to perform Subtotal Petrosectomy with preservation of otic capsule (3 min)
  6. Exposure of traumatized Facial Nerve (1 min)
  7. Exenteration of hypotympanic and infralabyrinthine pneumatic cells (1 MIN)
  8. Obliteration of Eustachian tube (2 min)
  9. Preparation of Facial Nerve for grafting (6 min)
  10. Preparation of Nerve graft (1 min)
  11. Tympano-mastoid double grafting of Facial Nerve (8 min)
  12. Wound closure (2 min)
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Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller