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Infratemporal fossa approach type A anatomical dissection

Part 2 (Right side)


  1. Subtotal petrosectomy (cont.): skeletonization and exposure of tympanic and mastoid segments of the Facial Nerve – removal of stapes arch (12 min)
  2. New anterior bony groove for anterior transposition of Facial Nerve – exposure of geniculate ganglion (2 min)
  3. Exposure of Internal Carotid Artery – Oblteration of tympanic ostium of Eustachian Tube (2 min)
  4. Anterior transposition of Facial Nerve (10 min)
  5. Ligation of Sigmoid Sinus (4 min)
  6. Placement of Infratemporal Fossa Retractor (4 min)
  7. Protection of anteriorly displaced Facial Nerve (2 min)
  8. Anterior exposure: Internal Carotid Artery, tympanic Ostium of Eustachian Tube (7 min)
  9. Superior exposure: Basal turn of Cochlea (3 min)
  10.  Posterior exposure: Posterior Fossa Dura, Sigmoid Sinus, Jugular Bulb (5 min)
  11. Inferior exposure: Jugular vein, XI Nerve, opening of Jugular Bulb, pars venosa and pars nervosa of jugular foramen (12 min)
  12. Anatomical situation after removal of a tumor that did not invade the cerebello-pontine-angle (1 min)
  13. New fallopian canal in the Temporal Squama for grafting of the Facial Nerve with Superior Temporal Rerouting (2 min)
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Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller