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Infratemporal fossa Approach Type A for removal of a C2De2Di1 jugular Schwannoma

Left side


  1. Introduction and preoperative radiology (6 min)
  2. Subtotal Petrosectomy (7 min)
  3. Exposure and mobilization of the intrapetrousFacial Nerve (5 min)
  4. Anterior transposition of the Facial Nerve (18 min)
  5. Exposure and ligation of Sigmoid Sinus (4 min)
  6. Exposure of ICA at the skull base (4 min)
  7. Introduction of infratemporal fossa retractor (1 min)
  8. Exposure of inferior tumor pole (1 min)
  9. Mobilization of superior tumor pole (5 min)
  10. Obliteration of Isthmus of the Eustachian Tube (1 min)
  11. Separation of anterior tumor pole from ICA (4 min)
  12. Mobilization of posterior tumor pole (2 min)
  13. Mobilization of inferior tumor pole (4 min)
  14. Separation of medial tumor extension from the posterior fossa dura (5 min)
  15. Removal of intradural tumor extension (7 min)
  16. Wound closure (2 min)
  17. Postoperative radiology (1 min)
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Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller