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Infratemporal Fossa Approrach Type D

Anatomical Dissection (right side) and 3 Clinical Cases
  • Anatomical Dissection: 2D with 3D-upscaling (Rt 14 min)
  • 1: Parapharyngeal Neurofibroma (Lt 17 min)
  • 2: Parapharyngeal Pleomorphic Adenoma (Lt 24 min)
  • 3: Arachnoid Cyst of Ala magna of sphenoid bone (Lt 12 min)


  1. Preauricular skin incision with extension into the neck and toward the orbit
  2. Exposured of FN in the parotid
  3. Elevation of temporal muscle
  4. Exposure of zygomatic arch and lateral orbital rim
  5. Division and reflection of zygomatic arch
  6. Anterior elevation of temporalis muscle
  7. Removal of posterior root of zygomatic arch
  8. Inferior displacement of mandibular condyle
  9. Removal of bone at the base of MCF (incl. tuberculum articulare)
  10. Separation of soft tissues from base of MCF
  11. Exposure of pterygoid process
  12. Exposure of pterygopalatine fossa
  13. Exposure of F. rotundum and V2 in upper sphenopalatine fossa
  14. Exposure of sphenoid sinus
  15. Exposure of F. rotundum and V2 in upper sphenopalatine fossa
  16. Elevation of dura from base of MCF for exposure of trigeminal ganglion with V3 and V2
  17. Opening of sphenoid sinus
  18. Entering nasal cavity
  19. Exposure of foramen lacerum
  20. Exposure of cavernous sinus
  21. Obliteration of the cavity and wound closure (not shown)
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Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller