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Anatom. Dissection and Clin. Cases Endaural Approach (Right Side)


  1. Endaural incision
  2. Meatal skin flap with anterior extension
  3. Anterosuperior canalplasty
  4. Exposure of ant. tymp. Spine and ant. mallear proc. and lig. for assessment of malleus mobility
  5. Removal of incus
  6. Drilling away ossified ant. mallear lig. and removal of malleus head
  7. Introduction of Titanium Stapes Prosthesis (straight or angled) between malleus handle and stapes footplate
  8. Stapedotomy with manual perforators
  9. Removal of stapes arch with crurotomy scissors
  10. Introduction of stapes piston into vestibule
  11. Crimping of titanium loop to malleus handle and sealing of stapedotomy opening
  12. Packing and wound closure
Video No
Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller