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Open Mastoido-Epitympanectomy

Temp. Bone Dissection (Right side)

Part 1: Mastoidectomy, Epitympanectomy  41 min
Part 2: Tympanoplasty (first stage)  13 min


  1. Retroauricular approach
  2. Meatal skin flap (alternative technique)
  3. Canalplasty
  4. Wide removal of bone over middle cranial fossa dura, sigmoid sinus and sinus dura angle
  5. Exposure of digastric muscle
  6. Epitympanotomy with identification of tympanic segment of facial nerve
  7. Lowering facial ridge over mastoid segment of fallopian canal
  8. Radical exenteration and exposure of retrofacial and retrolabyrinthine cells
  9. Radical exenteration and exposure of supralabyrinthine and supratubal recesses (epitympanectomy)
  10. Extended canalplasty with removal of antero-inferior overhang of tympanic bone
  11. Radical removal of matrix from tympanic cavity
  12. Formation of a new tympanic sulcus
  13. Removal of mastoid tip
  14. Tympanoplasty (first stage)
  15. Obliteration of posterior cavity with occipital myosubcutaneous flap
  16. Meatoplasty
  17. Reposition of meatal skin flap and packing
Video No
Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller