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Open Mastoido-Epitympanectomy with Tympanoplasty (Type III)

Indication: secondary acquired Cholesteatoma after open cavity performed elsewhere with postoperative facial palsy and chronic ear secretion since many years. Clinical Case (Left side)


  1. Mastoidectomy (retroauricular approach)
  2. Epitympanectomy
  3. Canalplasty
  4. Cholesteatoma removal (middle ear)
  5. Cholesteatoma removal (epitympanum)
  6. Epitympanectomy (radical exenteration and exteriorization of supratubal and supralabyrinthine recess
  7. Myringoplasty
  8. Anterior packing of open cavity
  9. Posterior obliteration of open cavity with occipital myosubcutaneous flap
  10. Meatoplasty
  11. Wound closure and packing



Video No
Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller