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Transtemporal-Supralabyrinthine Approach (MCF)

Anatomical Dissection (Lt side)
  • Exposure of IAC
  • Vestibular Neurectomy
  • Wound Closure


  1. Preauricular skin incision with extension into temporal region
  2. Exposure of Temporal squama
  3. Craniotomy
  4. Elevation of Middle Cranial Fossa Dura
  5. Exposure of Meatal Plane
  6. Introduction of Articulated Middle Fossa Retractor
  7. Identification of blue line of Superior Semicircular canal
  8. Identification and exposure of the Internal Auditory Canal
  9. Removal of the meatal segment of vestibular nerve
  10. Wound closure: sealing of internal auditory canal
  11. Recontruction of tegmen tympani
  12. Suspension of middle cranial fossa dura from temporalis muscle
  13. Repositioning of the craniotomy flap
  14. Suction drain
  15. Skin closure
Video No
Prof. Ugo Fisch
Video Editing
Dr. Arnold H. Müller